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Epione Swajal

Where Innovation meets Translation

Epione is the Greek Goddess of soothing of pain and SwaJal is a portmanteau of the words Swastha (Health) and Jal (Water).  
Epione is a part of the Trumed Group and engages in Research and Development of products related to biomedical devices and water treatment. 

Epione Swajal is a startup incubated at BITS BIRAC BioNest, Goa. It was founded in December 2018 with a vision to delve into research and development of products for both biomedical device and water sectors. The vision of Epione SwaJal is to tap the extensive educated workforce of the Indian subcontinent and channeling their expertise to develop indigeneous and sustainable solutions for the Indian ecosystem.


To build self-reliance in Water Technilogies and Biomedical Device  


To translate knowledge into innovation and innovation into products



Services Offered

Epione Swajal offers services in the following areas


Contract Research Services

 Epione SwaJal offers contract research services to its customers. These services include:
(1) Solutions for industries related to water treatment
(2) Strategies for greywater recycling


Biomedical Devices 

Being a part of Trumed group, Epione SwaJal is also involved in research and development of biomedical devices catering to heart-lung machines and cancer treatment


Water technology

Epione SwaJal also develops its own technological solutions as well as commercialization of the technologies developed by Dr. Roy at his laboratory in BITS Pilani, Goa, Department of Chemical Engineering.


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Leadership Team

Epione Swajal was founded with the motto of "Feed from Research and Feed to Research" 

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